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My journey into homeopathy started after my return from Afghanistan.  I am a Physician Assistant and I was trained in the Army.  When I returned home I was searching for a more holistic approach to my health. It was in Homeopathy that I found those answers. Homeopathy is a gentle, safe, inexpensive method of healing that you can take with your current medications. 


I studied with the International School of Homeopathy. In taking their advanced course I became a Nationally Certified Homeopath.  


It is with extreme passion that I bring to my clients both forms of Health Care. Homeopathy, and the knowledge of Allopathic medicine. In today's ever-changing world you must seek out all of your options that will support you while on your journey to a Healthy and Holistic life.



Why Homeopathy?

It can help and support:

Wild Path

Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, Stress, OCD, Nervous Conditions, etc


Acute Issues such as Shingles, Sore Throat, Bronchitis, Ear Aches, Nausea/Vomiting, Hives, Urinary Tract Infection  and the list can go on and on!


Skeletal issues, Arthritis, Sciatica, Weakness, GI issues, Dental issues, Anemia, Seasonal Changes, etc

Urban Chic
Women's Health

Postpartum Depression, PMS, Menopause, Irregular periods, Hormonal issues, HSV, Morning Sickness, Lactation and Pregnancy


Tension Headaches, Migraines, Sinus Headaches.


Safe and gentle to use from new borns on.  Teething, Colic, Fussiness, rashes, etc




Jean, you have done more for me than any doctor I have seen threw the years.  You have lifted my spirits and above all my health.  There are not enough words to say Thank You.  CR


I had been in a car accident that left me with a fractured eye socket, an partially broken nose lots of bruising and swelling on my face and arm. After seeing Jean (on day two, post accident), she advised a remedy to help allivate the swelling and bruising and cut my recovery time down. After just one day, I couldn't believe the results I had of the swelling actually going down and bruising going away! I believe the homeopathy was what helped cut my recovery time in half! Thank you Jean for your care and recommendation! I highly recommend Homeopathic Pathways. Jean not only takes the time to listen to your needs she addresses all and any issues you have. Thank you for helping me feel "me" again and recover from my accident!  KH


I suffer from arthritis especially in my hands and often would experience anxiety as well. After meeting with Jean and taking her remedy I have seen remarkable results. I can now make a fist in the morning whereas before I could not. My joints no longer ache, especially my hands which were in constant pain. I am much less anxious and also have lost weight as a result because I am no longer constantly hungry and on the emotional eating roller coaster I once was. Thank you, Jean, for all your help. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has emotional or physical issues they want to overcome.  JN


I started experiencing migraines when I was pregnant with my first child 30 years ago. I doctored over the years and learned they were hormonal and should subside when I went through menopause. They did not! So I spoke to Jean a couple of times and she said come and see me, I think I can help you!! So I did and boy did she ever help me! At one point I was taking 10-15 prescription migraine pills a month and since taking Jean's remedy they have almost completely subsided!! It's amazing the difference she has made in my life!! Thank you, Jean, for helping me and I would recommend you and Homeopathic Pathways any day!!  LM


My 15-year-old daughter was suffering from severe OCD, Anxiety, and Panic Attacks for about 4 months. (She was diagnosed with these over a year ago. They started to become severe when school started up) She had not slept by herself for over a year and was also missing allot of school due to her condition. She was living on Xanax and was also prescribed Zoloft, was going to therapy on a weekly basis and seeing a psychiatrist. She was not sleeping as she could not turn her thoughts off and that was causing the Anxiety and Panic in the middle of the night. It was a very long and painful few months. We found Jean and she has done wonders for my daughter. We went to her office and immediately felt that this was the place for us! Jean is so fantastic at what she does it has changed our whole family's life as my daughter's conditions were affecting all of our lives. Jean's initial appointment was so thorough! She knows her stuff. My daughter has taken the remedy and things have gotten so much better for her it is unbelievable. She said to me about a week and a half after taking the remedy " Mom I feel normal again!" I just want to say thank you to Jean for improving my daughter's life!! I will continue to use Homeopathic Pathways!! KN


I had been suffering from the return of Lyme symptoms, along with adrenal fatigue and Hashimoto's Disease. I was just not myself and was slipping into depression. I met with Jean and she gave me a remedy that I took and noticed a difference in just a few days. I had a family emergency which required me to have a lot of energy to deal with and I know the remedy helped me get through that difficult time without any of my own health difficulties.  JS


I had been suffering from severe anxiety with extreme anger, for a few years. I felt that western medicine was not helping and sought out alternative medicine in hopes of some relief. I had heard of homeopathy, but did not know a thing about it, but was going no place with the treatment that I was receiving from dr. to dr. I met/skyped with Jean, discussed my situation at length as she was very thorough. She mailed me a remedy, that I felt a subtle change within 24 hours that increased positively, as the days passed. I am sleeping through the night without nightmares or staying awake for hours. I am socializing with total strangers, have lost weight. I am peaceful. I don't lose control as before and I feel as if I have been given a new lease on life! I am eternally grateful to Jean for giving me my sense of joy in life back! I will continue to use Homeopathic Pathways and Thank you, Jean! .  RJ


I was having some difficulties with anxiety. I was reluctant to use anti-anxiety medications. I met with Jean and she took a very thorough history and was very optimistic that there was a homeopathic approach that could be used to help me. After I took the medication I felt much better, I was no longer up at night worrying and my symptoms were gone. Thank you, Jean!  AC


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